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Irresistible Melody from N.E.W.B

And The excitement continues with Nial Djuliarso and Sri Hanuraga

On Friday, 13th May at TP Jazz Weekend, after the ultimate jazz squad performed on Thursday, 12th May, it was the master pianist Nial Djuliarso and Sri Hanuraga to take the spotlight. A show called “A Piece of Harmony” took place at Mirten Lounge.

The show itself was astonishing. The opening set was very soothing, it was like the performers wanted to mesmerize all the guests with the perfect tune. As the show went on, both Nial and Sri Hanuraga (often called Aga) played together as they synched perfectly in harmony on the two pianos on more upbeat tune. On top of that, Aga and Nial played not only the classic sets but also track from Indonesia pop star Raisa, the song called Could it be with collaboration arrangement from both of the maestros, the song perfectly made into jazz heaven to all guests.

They also played separately, where Nial and Aga performed in their own personality. Nial played calmly and full of charisma that can bring peace just to listen to the music, whilst Aga’s excitement and high spirit took the guests to another dimension of music which made these the combination truly A Piece of Harmony.

At questions and answer session, Nial explained his journey on his music career and told us that his career commenced around the year of 1999. After graduated from his university Nial has performed at many showcases in major cities. He started learning classical piano lesson at the age of 5, but the love of jazz started when he went to Pat Metheny Group concert in Jakarta and also the influence from his dad took Nial into the interest of jazz music.

On the other hand, Aga told the audiences about his passion on music. He had piano lesson since he was little boy, but the interest of of music was not built yet, until he found out about the international pianist and keyboardist, Keith Noel Emerson that made him excited to play piano in more serius notes.

As the show was about to end, the guests wanted more of the duos great performance. A round of big applause broke Mirten Lounge as Nial and Aga went back to their pianos to play few more songs, with Indonesian hit song “Kopi Dangdut” became the closing set for their performance.

Fantastic night with fantastic jazz collaboration!!