The Papandayan Jazz Festival

29 - 30 Oct 2022

The Address of Jazz in Bandung

The Address of Jazz in Bandung

Irresistible Melody from N.E.W.B

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As part of the Road to TP Jazz Festival 2016, on Friday 24th June 2016 TP Jazz Weekend Proudly present the unbeatable dynamic quadruple N.E.W.B. The members are Nathania Jualim on Electric Guitar, Echa Soemantri on Drums, Wesley Geraldo Hutabarat on Electric bass and Bobby Limijaya on piano.

The band consisted on playing jazz fusion and jazz progressive as well as original songs created by the personnel. The show started with mid-beat tube that warmed up all guests to feel the rhytm. Wesley’s original song called “J” bring the upbeat tune that was so hard to resist and made you want to dance immediately. Echa’s original song called “Found You” with mellow arrangement gave all guest with soothing and peaceful feeling at the same time.

N.E.W.B successfully combine between jazz classic with a modern twist that could reach any kind of age. With modern alignment on every arrangements, N.E.W.B as a new group could bring the new sensation to the jazz industry.

It was unavoidable not to tap your feet into the rhytm at TP Jazz weekend that night. Each and every one of personnel bring the music skill to the most. The only lady in the team, Nathania bring the uptown melody through her guitar. Magic hands on percussion that Echa played bring the beat you can’t resist. The playfulness of bass playing from Wesley makes you want to join the rhytm and the amazing skill on piano that Bobby does fits the tune perfectly.

Thank you N.E.W.B for amazing performance on TP Jazz Weekend stage. We’re looking forward to see the next show.